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About Us

KUMP is a professional company that offers several health services. We cover the whole Middle East area specializing in promoting new medical technologies, innovative therapeutic procedures and new diagnostic tools including import, export and distribution of pharmaceutical and medical equipments as well as professional consultations and hospital management.

Our head office in Kuwait oversees operations in the entire Middle East and North African region. Our medical consultaions and education department is run by a group of medical professionals who have graduated from Western Universities. we also have a full hospital management team working in conjunction with a number of prominent North American companies. Our Team includes professional personnel from many branches of the medical and paramedical fields. The group is supervised by a highly qualified management team who takes responsibility for assuring the quality and professionalism of our services.

KUMS which is accredited by the Central Tenders Committee is expanding rapidly to meet the growing demand for first class private sector medical services. We have substantial experience in dealing with local governments and excellent connections with private medical service providers.