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Anti-aging and Preventive Medicine


As we age, the body's production of hormones, protein synthesis for repair, levels of important minerals and trace elements decrease.  The added insults to our genetic DNA by free radicals cause mutations that can express themselves as cancers and disease. 

The science behind Anti-Aging Medicine is a combination of Endocrinology( dealing with our body's production of hormones), Nutrition(dietary intact of the foods that contain the essential components needed to build and run our bodies) and Exercise.  This is obviously an over simplification because ever specialty in classical medicine has an important role in the preservation of our health and adds to our longevity. Without a heart to pump blood, lungs to breath in clean air and a vascular system to circulate the blood, we would certainly die.

Anti-Aging Medicine looks closely at all the chemical, hormonal and nutritional indices found in blood and relates them to those found in a 20 - 30 year old. It is the assumption that we were at the peak of internal performance, found in youth, at this age.  Traditionally, we have accepted that a 50 year old male has a normal Testosterone level that is about 50% less that a male half his age.  We now know that this significant reduction in Testosterone will lead to reduced libido, reduced mental function, reduced energy, weakness, reduced muscular mass, increased body fat, increased risk of heart attack and much, much more.  When we replace the Testosterone level back to that of a 20 - 30 year old, the vigor and sense of well-being returns with improved health risks.