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Career Opportunity

Business Development Officer

Job Description:

A Business Development Manager task is to work with the Account director to develop the account plan and strategy - Understand major company IT Strategy and develop sales propositions that meet future requirements - Manage effective relationships with existing company contacts and network through the organisation to obtain new contacts - Continually monitor customer satisfaction, liaising between company and other company to ensure service levels are met. - Manage effective relationships with company technical, service, support staff and third party suppliers to ensure services are delivered effectively to the customer.

Business Development Manager Qualification:

- Must be a Finance MBA
- With 3-5 years work experience in Businnness Development
- Excellent strategic thinking, financialll analysis and project management skills essential.
- Be able to work on multiple projects attt one time. (time management skills).
- Excellent Microsoft Excell and PowerPoiiint skills and above average Microsoft Word and Internet skills capabilities.

If interested, please E-mail us your
cv at mailto : jobs@kums.org


Job Vacancy

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