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Career Opportunity

Medical Editor

Job Description:

The Medical Editor will edit a range of documents at different stages in the production process. He or she will be expected to work with colleagues to ensure the production of high-quality information. The Medical Editor will work with staff at all levels.

Medical Editor Qualification:

- Life Science Degree / or clinical qualification
- Ability to copy-edit and proof-read docccument on paper and on screen.
- Familiarities with scientific and medicccal terminology and methods of presenting data
- At least one year of work experience innn copy-editing and proof-reading medical information.
- Ability to work effectively to meet tiggght deadlines (time management skills)
- Motivation and enthusiasm to deliver hiiigh-quality editorial work.

If interested, please E-mail us your CV at
mailto: jobs@kums.org


Job Vacancy

Medical Editor
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