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Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery

Hair Removal

Facial and body hair removal has changed dramatically from just one year ago.  Although hair removal has always been popular and not a complicated procedure, many salons and physicians have gone to lasers. However, laser hair removal is now a thing of the past!

Self Hair Removal :  Women and men are inundated with means to remove unwanted hair.  There are shavers, waxing, plucking and applied depilatory creams.  There are salons that perform these functions and offer electrolysis.  While electrolysis lasts longer than the over-the-counter self-treatments, electrolysis is a very slow and expensive alternative. There had to be a better way.

Laser Hair Removal : The key to laser hair removal is to destroy the hair follicle in each of its four stages.  Hair lies dormant, grows, matures and falls out. Therefore, relatively permanent hair removal depends on treating each area between four and eight times (4- 8x). Laser Hair removal has been the most effective methodology but is extremely time consuming, painful and expensive.

Radio-Frequency :  The 'buzz word' in the industry is radio-frequency and IPL (intense pulsed light).  Using the bright light flash to change the flow of current (radio-frequency) through the skin allows the energy to be delivered selectively to the hair follicle and the bud.  This treatment is extremely quick covering 20 times more area than the laser in one second and is almost painless.  Actually, it is painless when we apply our patented 15% anesthetic cream 20 minutes before treatment.  Radio-frequency with IPL is so effective that we can almost guarantee that hair will not grow back. The fact is, it rarely does, on even the darkest skin individuals.

Complications :  One of the problems with laser is that it can burn and pigment or scar darker skin individuals.  I have seen this is Asian and even Mediterranean descendants.  This is due to the energy of the laser activating the melanin (pigment) in the skin.  The radio-frequency IPL treatment delivers energy selectively and, in fact, reduces pigment in lighter skin individuals.



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